Since the last blog, generous kind people have donated 171 more bales! We only have 384 left to go, we are almost there! Please help spread the word. We now have a day for the hay to be moved: this Sunday. We are stepping out in faith that the funds will be there to write the check on.

This morning we worked on emails, phone calls, bookwork, etc. Jason spent countless hours entering data into Quickbooks. An accountant he does not want to be, but alas he must do the job of one.

Tawnee headed out to the vet and was there until about 5 pm this evening. Two of the horses, Barbi and Rosey, needed to be checked by the vet due to lameness. Barbi was in a lot of pain continually in her front feet and we had to have it checked out. After a thorough examination Dr Weaver to our joy told us that Rosey is fine and not in pain. An old injury with scare tissue makes her move differently than most horses, but she is very happy and able to be ridden. Barbi’s received xrays and the vet sadly had to tell us that she had severe lower ringbone and would never live pain free again. It would progressively get worse, with no hope of any kind of a recovery. Our vet recommended that the most kind thing was to have her humanely euthanized, happy in the knowledge that she was loved and cared for.

Then Tawnee was hit with more bad news! Our vet informed us that Sunny had a fracture in her pelvis. Even if her diagnosis was wrong it was something very major that would take months of rehab and she believed it would be a downward health spiral for Sunny if we tried to prolong her life. Sunny was on pain medication so she could put some weight on her leg, but you could still tell she was in pain from her eyes. Tawnee had to make the hard choice to have Sunny humanely euthanized under the vets recommendation today. Poor Tawnee was hit with double whammy’s today!

On a brighter note, Cowboy is doing great even though he hasn’t had his surgery yet. Our poor vet has been overwhelmed with the birthing and breeding season. She blocked the nerve today to make sure he was a good candidate for surgery, and sure enough, he seemed to be perfectly fine on that leg, but started limping on the other leg. He’ll have to get surgery on both legs. His surgery is scheduled for Friday the 30th.

And to make Tawnee’s day worse, she got a flat on the way back to the rescue. A huge nail sticking out of the tire. At least it had enough air in there to make it back to the rescue. She is counting her blessings that it did not happen on the way to the vet.

Kt Beaner is a great cart horse! Tawnee was able to harness him up this evening and take him for a drive around the neighbours pasture and down the road. He did absolutely great! Tawnee definitely needed some therapy after having a really rough day. Beaner loves being driven, we were a little concerned that once he was hooked up he would want to run like the wind, but he was very calm and collected. He only trotted when asked, he was willing to please in every regard. He even pulled the cart through the round pen gate like an old pro. Beaner is getting more valuable as the price of gas goes up. “Grass not Gas!” They need to start putting hitching posts in front of stores again and hire poop scoopers to clean the towns up…

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