Wow, the hay fundraising took another leap upward today, thanks to all of the horses supporters we only have to raise another 61 bales worth, that means 323 bales were donated today! Thank you so much for each and every bale donated, and a special thank you to Tina for making the thermometer leap today with your $1000 donation and to Jennifer for your $500 donation towards the hay drive! We are almost there!

Tawnee showed horses today and Paleface has found her forever home with a repeat adopting family. They wanted to add another horse to their family, and they chose Paleface! She will have a really wonderful home.

Jason delivered Paleface on his way to take Willy and Baron to their new home. Here is Paleface enjoying her new home!

Paleface first came into our program on April 13th from 2 auction rescue ago. She looks so much better now, above, then she did when she first came in, below. Now she has a great home and will be going in for 30 days of training with a great trainer!

Baron and Willy are enjoying their new family. They will now be pampered and doodled over for hours on end. Thanks guys for adopting these two wonderful boys and giving our 500th rescued horse such a great home!

The minute Jason got back to the rescue he had to rush off to cover the 1000 bales of hay still sitting in the field. Dark ominous rain clouds were floating over, and the occasional sprinkle let it be know that very likely a significant portion of rain would fall. We don’t want to lose the hay before we even buy it, so Jason hiked about 1/2 mile across the hay field with 2000 square feet of plastic. Climbing up the 15′ of hay bales, he struggled to secure the plastic against wind and rain. It’s nice to know that it is covered and unless we get a tornado it’ll be safe.

Frosty broke out of his pen this evening and it took about 45 minutes to get him convinced that he would rather be back in the pen then out. He is back in there now and the electric fence is fully functional again so he probably won’t try that again. He definitly thought the grass was greener on the other side of the fence. “Be content with such things as you have!”

Have a great memorial day weekend and look for a blog update Sunday evening!

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