Today started with Jason scaling the hay stacks to get the plastic off. The hay is nice and dry thanks to his hard work Friday afternoon. It was time to get the plastic off so the hay guy could haul it out to the rescue. He was supposed to do it today, but being Memorial day weekend, he has put it off until tomorrow morning. We can’t thank all of our generous supporters enough who have made buying this hay possible! Soon it will be stacked up at the rescue waiting to be fed.

We had our first fire truck come to the rescue today, they let us know that with all the horses grazing we have very low fire danger here. With just a little weed eating our rescue should be tip top fire safe. The fire department is either very dedicated or very bored, making their inspection rounds on Memorial Day weekend.

Scarlett got a home today! Her adopter is so thrilled to have Scarlett in her life, she saw Scarlett on our website and fell in love. Meeting in person was no different, we know Scarlett is going to be spoiled! It is so wonderful seeing a horse that was saved from slaughter adopted into a wonderful and loving home.

Our cutest ugliest little pony in the world went to his forever home today. He was adopted by the same sweet people that adopted Jazz back in March (click here for that blog entry.) She showed us pictures of Jazz on her cell phone camera and she looked like a different horse, so very well cared for and spoiled! She says she’ll email us some pictures of Jazz, so hopefully you’ll see them on here soon!

There were over 20 visitors to the rescue today, 9 of which were volunteers. They did so many wonderful jobs we can’t even begin to thank you enough! The tack room, which was disastrous looking this morning is now neat and tidy. One of the giant pens got raked, scooped and hauled away today. Horses got trained, groomed and loved on. Becky and Taylor enjoyed giving Navajo his makeover. At first he was unsure about being groomed, it was probably his first time, but soon he settled down and enjoy it thoroughly. Deb worked with a passion evaluating, training, and offering a lending hand wherever needed. Below is a cute picture of Deb and Tuxedo, it seems that Tuxedo is a bit embarrassed being kissed…

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