We’ve always drooled over the semi loads of hay going down the freeways, well, today was our day. We had 2 double trailer semi loads of hay come down our hill today! We just cannot thank all of the generous donors enough who made this possible. We absolutely love the new hay!!! You made one of our long-time dreams come true today. All of the horses loved watching it come in and be stacked up, you know they were licking their chops just waiting for a bite!

It is so nice not to have to worry about getting hay for awhile. But a special note to our hay sponsors: we will be saving your sponsorship funds for when we do require more hay, and we greatly appreciate your generous support! We also need feed donations for purchasing supplements and possibly alfalfa depending on the needs of the horses. The UC Davis plan for recuperating an emaciated horse is a diet of pure alfalfa, so we have to keep some on hand for the inevitable rehabilitation of a severely starved horse.

Below are lots of pictures of the hay with narrative above the pictures.

The first semi load coming down the hill.

Passed the Mare Motel comes the hay.

It’s being squeezed off the truck and put on the plastic so it won’t collect moisture from the ground and mold the bottom layer. Hopefully next year we can have a barn to put it in.

The semi truck was able to turn around in the parking lot and headed out to get the second load.

The semi headed up the hill but couldn’t make it. He just started spinning and then stopped….

…but thankfully his Squeeze was able to push him up the hill and away he went to get the other load of hay.

The hay came just in time as we hardly had any hay left.

Here is the 2nd load of hay! If you’re wondering why the gate is bent, Blaze had to bend over and steal food from the feeder in the stall.

Squeezing it off next to the original stack.

Just for perspective, that is Jason standing at 6 feet tall on top! That is 1024 bales of hay!!!

And if you’re wondering how Jason got on top, here he is scaling up like a monkey. Soon we can start giving hay climbing lessons, vs the boring rock climbing lessons at the gym. Once Jason gets this art perfected.

We got some pictures of Tucker in the email today. We see him almost every day just across the field, but we got an update on him today along with a comment about the loads of hay coming down the hill. Tucker is doing great and his adopter is very happy with him and he is fitting in very well at his new home. The little baby mini is chumming up with him and they are becoming great pals. We think they are trying to start the Happy Appy Club.

Tawnee showed horses for right at 8 hours today. She started at noon and ended at 8:00 pm! Long summer evenings are definitely nice. Banjo, Glory and Rowdy were placed into adoption pending status today. It is so great that Glory and Rowdy will be going to their new home together soon! They are real buddies and they deserve to be able to live together in happiness.

What a great day, over 1000 bales of hay delivered and 3 horses placed into adoption pending today. We’ll have plenty of room (and feed) to rescue horses at the next auction! We made a little mistake on the auction date, it’s the 8th not the 15th, so it’s not on Father’s Day, but we’ll still call it the Father’s Day rescue since guys never remember dates anyway.

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  1. I’m so glad that you have the hay. I’m sure it takes a great weight off your minds on how you where going to feed everyone. You guys are doing a great job. If it wasn’t for you these horses wouldn’t be alive today. THANKS

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