Glory and Rowdy went to their new home today! They are merely 5 miles down the road from us and we will see them every time we head to town. It’s nice adopting locally, but we also know that the local horse economy cannot possibly support all of the equines we are able to rescue. It is really neat that both of these TB yearlings were placed together. We rescued 4 TB yearlings at the auction a couple months ago, and they all have homes now. The other two were adopted together and now these are adopted together. It can’t get better than that we don’t believe! Rowdy and Glory’s adopter truly believe in keeping their pets forever. They lost their horse that was over 30 years old that was born on the same property where Glory and Rowdy will live out their lives.

Faithful volunteers Annette and Kimmy came out today and scraped lots and lots of manure into nice neat piles for Jason to move with the ATV. Great work Anette and Kimmy, this was a big job but it definitely needed to be done! It’s nice it was so cool today.

We’d been saving for a round feeder for awhile and today was the day. Jason picked it up at Tractor Supply, and now one of the pens has a round feeder in it! With the 1000 bales of grass hay, we can free feed it so the horses will always have something to chew on. So far it seems to be working the best out of all the feeders we have ever tried. This feeder keeps the hay from being spread around and it helps keep the horses eating peacefully together. We could really use 3-4 more for the other large pens, but we’ll have to save and wait… They cost $325 with tax each.

We were blessed with a beautiful rainbow and no rain. We did, however, take the precautions and covered the hay so we won’t have to do it in the middle of the night… Nothing like a good downpour and uncovered hay to make ones bones wake up quick.

Tawnee showed horses again today and now Alcon is in adoption pending. We know she’ll have a great home!

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