Today started with us going over to the foster home in Gridley to show Levi to some interested people. They have decided to proceed with adoption, so we brought Levi back to our ranch to hold him until their adoption application is finalized. He definitely loved all the attention! It is so wonderful that some kind people stepped up to give another previously slaughter bound horse a home.

Cowboy is going to have his surgery tomorrow, unless too many emergencies show up at the vet’s office in the morning. Good luck Cowboy!

No Jason’s office was not moved to the top of the hay stack. We are testing out Sprint’s wireless broadband in the hope that we can get off of dialup (yes, we run everything from dialup, the website, e-news, emails, blog, everything is done from dialup) but no, it didn’t work up there. We have high hopes that with a good antenna we will be caught up to 7 years ago technology. We are hoping this works, it would make all the web work so much easier and faster. If anyone knows rural cell phone antenna mounting, aiming etc and would like to volunteer their expertise… Oh in case you’re wondering, yes we have a laptop, but alas the power cord is MIA, so Jason carted the desktop up to the top of the hay stack and all around the property. About 700′ from our office, and about 100′ vertical, we can get excellent reception with 600 kbs down and 200kbs up. Geek speak for “fast enough for now.”

Goldy was adopted and transported to her new home today. Her adopter was waiting breathlessly to have her application processed, which it was finished yesterday, and she was very happy to finally take Goldy home today. Adoptions are always one of the fun parts of rescuing!

A new horse was donated today into our program! No, he’s not for adoption yet, he needs to be evaluated, he will be soon! Alex is a 9 year old registered Paint. He really had an owner that cared for him very well and is in great shape. His donors drove almost 200 miles one way to bring him here. She bought him in 2007 and he was simply the wrong match for her, so she chose to donate him to us so we can find him the perfect home. Usually a donor says “Here’s my horse, thank you, bye!” but these people were so thoughtful they donated hay, grain, supplements and a saddle. Thank you so much for caring!

Samantha and Danny were adopted and transported as well today! They were adopted to the wonderful, special girl who was planning on adopting Milkshake. She now has 2 wonderful horses instead! Tawnee transported them up and finally got back around 9:00 PM this evening. It is so nice we could bring these horses into our program, their future was very grim indeed, they would have been shot if we could not take them. But now they are in a wonderful home!

Tomorrow Tawnee is having her wisdom teethe pulled out at 7:00 am in the morning, so you may not hear her on the phone for a couple days. She’s heard every horror story and good wishes around, but she still figures it’s going to hurt worse than being kicked by Paleface.

Thank you Tina for donating the funds to buy another round bale feeder for the horses! You are so awesome and thoughtful!!! The horses will really love you for the new feeder, we’ll call it “Tina’s Feeder” for you!

Tawnee showed horses today to other people, including Otto! Let’s hope Otto finds a great home soon. We currently have only 19 horses available for adoption, yay, we’re in the teens again! It seems a lot more manageable than 40, but we’ll be at the auction soon.

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