Bath day! Today Ruth and Erik came out and along with Jason we bathed and groomed about 14 horses today! Dabney really enjoyed being messed with, and Ruth thinks perhaps she knows someone that would consider giving her a great home. Dabney is looking so good these days, she is filling out, growing up and generally looking pretty nice. She’s really starting to enjoy human company and is not so scared anymore. She actually enjoyed her bath!

Jason worked on evaluating this afternoon and took Alex for his first ride. He is such a sweet boy, he comes right up to you when you enter his pen, he waits patiently while you halter him. He ties nicely, accepts the saddle and bridle without a complaint and seems to enjoy having people on him. No adoption fee set yet, he needs to be evaluated by one of our trainers. This is actually a pretty rare picture, Jason riding a horse for the first time since it came into our rescue, so do enjoy it! With Tawnee being down and out and post operative misery, Jason is having to step up and do his job and hers.

Animal Planet is having a Hero of the Year award, and I think Tawnee really deserves the nomination. If you think so too, here’s the link: http://animal.discovery.com/sweepstakes/hero/2008/index.html If Tawnee is chosen, her favorite charity (think: Norcal Equine Rescue) will get $10,000 and you will get $1,000! Use you most creative, persuasive writing styles, let’s help Tawnee get back in the spotlight!

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  1. I think she deserves it too. Please everyone nominate her. But we also need her birthday for the nomination. Without Norcal almost all of these animals wouldn’t be alive today!

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