Tawnee is finally back and the blog is getting long again. She is still miserable and doesn’t have a lot of spunk and gets wiped out quickly. Tomorrow should be better, and soon she’ll be 100%.

Sally came out today and trimmed up one of the horses and looked around at the others. Sally fell in love with Panzer. She took lots of pictures of him (she used to be a professional equine photographer) and said she thought she had the perfect home for him. Since she was heading that way after our stop, she wanted to show them pictures. She also donated $50 to the Last Act of Kindness fund. Sally donates so much time and energy, we never expected a monetary donation too, Thank You Sally!

Later in the day the potential adopters came out and absolutely fell in love with Panzer, thanks to Sally! They are a great match and they are planning on picking him up tomorrow. It’s so great that this little guy has such a great home lined up, his life was so uncertain at the auction where we rescued him. There’s a picture of Tawnee showing horses with her puffy cheeks.

A note from Tawnee: “Many thanks for all the notes of sympathy and encouragement. Especially for this little guy sending me a kiss, Jason probably won’t get too jealous of him… If you can’t tell what he is, he’s a Chinese Crested dog named Percy. Thanks Judy, it brightened up my day!”

More about the Animal Hero of the Year nomination. First, thank you to everyone that are writing essays about Tawnee. Hopefully one of them will be picked, and even if not, it definitely brightened up her sick leave having such beautiful words written about her. She loves reading them, so please do send us a copy. For those that are wondering, her birthday is 5/17/1984.

Tawnee did some research today about the Hero of the Year and came across the information on the grand prize, which includes “a trip for two people to a destination of the winner’s choice which supports the winner’s animal welfare passion, approximate retail value is up to a maximum of $15,000. The trip will consist of round trip coach air transportation for two people from major commercial airport closest to winner’s residence, double-occupancy hotel accommodations for duration of stay, activities planned by Sponsor, use of a rental car if appropriate and $1,000 spending money for winner.”

It has been a long time dream of Tawnee’s to be able to go to the Dominican Republic where animal abuse runs rampant and animals are looked at as mere tools that are used, abused and then dumped with no thought or concern about their welfare. Tawnee has spoken with our vet about someday maybe heading down and doing a clinic and our vet would love the opportunity to go down there and help educate people on the proper care and handling of animals, along with spay/neuter clinics. Jason and Tawnee have been to the Dominican Republic once many years ago and have seen first hand the cruelty that goes on every day. Tawnee’s parents are missionary’s down there and each year they bring back horror stories of what they have seen. One of which will haunt Tawnee’s mind forever, is the image below. It is a poor mare that’s back leg was completely broken and severed from the bone. Many of the locals believe that if an animal is injured that it is God’s will and that to interfere would be to go against God. With the amount of proud flesh on the wound this poor mare had gone like this for some time, and she died a few days after this picture was taken. It just makes our heart sick! But maybe if the hero of the year is awarded to Tawnee, it would allow us to make a difference in animals lives. So if any of you feel that you know Tawnee well enough to nominate her, please do so! http://animal.discovery.com/sweepstakes/hero/2008/index.html

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