Today was a pretty uneventful day overall, but we did have some positive things happen!

Volunteers Annette and Kimmy came out today and worked for a few hours. They cleaned stalls, cleaned and folded blankets, and did a host of little things that needed to be done. Thanks so much for helping the rescue run smoothly!

Pet Place International chose to make us a featured rescue! We always appreciate positive publicity, and we wish them continued success in helping animals have a better life in this world. Thank you guys for helping spread the word about horses in need.

Tina’s Feeder is on its way! Thanks to the generosity of Tina G, we have another Horse Round Feeder on its way. Our local Tractor Supply, which has supported us tremendously in the past, has to order it from the factory. It should be in within a week or two. Thanks Tina, the horses will love eating out of “your” feeder soon.

Yesterday wiped Tawnee out, literally, she was unable to work today much at all, but two more horses are in adoption pending: Otto and Navajo. She also set up vet appointments on June 12th to have Bunny’s supposed hernia ultrasound and Alex to have some tests done to make sure he is 100% healthy. They gave an update on Cowboy, supposedly his surgery is tomorrow. He is very happy out there so whenever they get around to doing the surgery it is fine. They have been extremely swamped with the birthing/breeding season.

Panzer’s adopter rescheduled for tomorrow, so you should read about it tomorrow night!

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