Today stared off full speed with delivering Alcon to her waiting owner in Oroville where she continued her trip home. She will have a great home! Our rescue ranch is starting to look sparse with only 17 available horses… Sunday auction rescue is coming up though, and the funds have already been donated thanks to very generous people to rescue horses.

Panzer was also adopted and left for his new home as well today. His adopters came highly recommended by Sally, our barefoot trimmer. We know Panzer will have a great home! His adopters are also planning on donating bedding for our stalls. We cannot say how greatly appreciative we will be, every bit helps! Even if it’s stuff the horses stomp on.

Many thanks to Weintraub, Genshlea and Chediak Law Corporation for their recent “Green for Jeans Friday” where employees donated $5 to wear blue jeans to work. And last Friday, while Tawnee was being tortured in the dentist chair, they were wearing blue jeans for Norcal! Thanks so much for your generosity, they raised $805 in total to help the rescued horses! This is a great program that we would love to see every company have.

We keep hearing about more and more nominations for Tawnee as Animal Hero of the Year award, so Tawnee sat down and wrote out the first part of her life story. The page also has the vital statistics needed for nominating Tawnee if you would like to do so. Tawnee has made a lot of friends, adopters, donors, etc, through Norcal, and while she cannot remember you all by name, she would greatly appreciate it if you would take a couple minutes to nominate her. Click the picture to read her story. You can also see a link on our homepage right below current needs.

It’s 11:00 pm and we all feel like we’ve gotten a lot done today. Have a great evening and check back in tomorrow.

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