Today Tawnee and Jason showed horses to a potential adopter, and now Alex is in adoption pending! We are still going to take him to the vet on the 12 to have his health check. He has had EPM in the past and we want to make sure he is 100% recovered.

We cannot thank all of you who donated so we could get the 1000 bales of hay! You don’t know what a comfort it is to be able to look outside and say “We don’t have to worry where the next bit of hay is going to come from!” It is diminishing, but there is still tons of hay there, literally. Here is Jason putting some hay on the 4 wheeler to feed to the horses. The good news about the 4 wheelers is they seem to have fixed themselves and are doing OK for now. If they both break down, we will have to get a chiropractor to donate his time fixing our backs from hauling all this hay around.

Part 2 of Tawnee’s life story is complete! You can read it all by clicking on the picture or clicking on the link on our homepage.

Otto is back out of adoption pending and is available again. Poor Otto, we have never had a horse in and out of adoption pending so much, we aren’t going to tell him next time someone puts him into adoption pending. He must feel like a ping pong ball! The reasoning’s for all the adoption holds are people see him, fall in love, and then the reality sinks in how big he really is. Yes, he’s big, but he needs a home! I know the right home is out there, just waiting. With the price of fuel, a farmer is probably going to want him to plow his fields…

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