Today started with Jason cleaning up the 20 acres, fixing fences and generally tidying up. It’s amazing how much ‘junk’ (bailing twine, trash that gets blown in from the next county, etc) there accumulates in such a short time. Many of our visitors will be thrilled to know that the electric fence next to the round pen gate, the one that keeps jumping out and zapping people, has been moved to a better location.

We put a donated Parelli Natural Horsemanship kit on Ebay, you can view the auction here. 100% of the proceeds will go directly into helping rescued horses, so feel free to bid it on up! You know it’s going for a great cause…

Panzer’s adopters, Steve and Wendy, donated an entire pallet of pelleted bedding for our stalls. We cannot thank you enough! The rescued horses will certainly love the new fluffy stuff.

While there we got to visit with Panzer, and his new equine friends, and he is doing great! He just loves his new mommy and she loves him too. He gets to spend his days wandering at will between the barn and his large pasture pen.

During our visit with Panzer Tawnee spotted a tiny baby bird on the ground in one of the horse stalls. The baby is safe now, we gave the baby to Claire at Critter Pass Ranch Sanctuary (http://savethecritters.org/) She has the time and the experience to do what is absolutely best for this little orphan baby. It is very healthily and has a great appetite, so let’s hope and pray that he can make it through the next few critical days on the road to adulthood.

Tawnee is going to be resting up for the big auction rescue day this coming Sunday! Have a great weekend!

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