What a great, busy, overwhelming day! It started off simple enough, with Tawnee, Jason and volunteer Judy visiting and getting to know the newly rescued horses, and caring for their injuries. There are so many simply wonderful, sweet loving (and yes, trained to ride) horses that we were able to rescue yesterday. Here is a picture of Tawnee and Judy caring for the mare with the injury near her eye. She soaks up all the attention anyone will give her, and she truly seemed to know that we were trying to help.

Tawnee is reunited forever with Lily. Tawnee has chosen to adopt Lily as she is such a sweet horse, she has come into our lives 3 times over the last 4 years, and each time she left a special place in Tawnee’s heart, so this time she is staying.

We will be emailing out for the donators to name the horses tomorrow, so hopefully by next blog we have names for each of the horses. We have rescued 143 equines so far this year, and we are frankly named out!

We had volunteers out today and we all did our best to make the rescued horses feel safe and loved. Each of the horses have different needs, this poor guy has a glazed over eye and has absolutely no vision in that eye, but he sees out of the other eye and gets around very well.

Many of the horses are very thin, but we will feed them lots of yummy hay and do our best to get them back up to weight.

Along with the hectic morning, 2 more horses came into our organization. These horses were very well loved and cared for. They had to leave their home of 12 years due to financial hardship. One is a Tennessee Walker and the other is a Missouri Fox Trotter. Sorry folks, they are both already in adoption pending. Volunteer Judy has been urgently waiting for a gaited horse, and she is willing to adopt them both together so they don’t have to be separated.

Tawnee and Judy headed off to Roseville to pick up the remaining 11 horses from the auction yard. Tawnee is getting rather road weary, but she is overjoyed to get all the horses at the rescue where they are safe, loved and well cared for.

Here they are, coming off the trailer. Yes, Tawnee managed to make it back before dark this time.
The horses were thrilled to get our and roll in our sandy round pen. They played, and rolled, then played and then rolled. They loved it!

Then it was supper time.

Feeding time is getting rather extensive! With over 40 horses at the rescue, our hay stack will dwindle rapidly.

And now it’s 12:00 am on Tuesday. We’ve been running around like headless chickens all day, but we want to take a moment to simply say “Thank you!”

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