06-10-08 / Update

Well there is great news late this evening. The fire has been stopped for now, and until the wind picks up tomorrow we are in no immediate danger. The fire crews are working desperately to have it completely out before the 40+ mph winds pick up again in the morning. We got 11 of the horses moved out to the Gridley pasture before we were told that it was OK to stop evacuating. We felt so sorry for the poor horses, it was 11 from the last auction, and then they were shuffled back into the trailer, they probably thought they were heading back to the auction.

When they got to the beautiful green pasture they changed their minds and are very happy. It was so neat watching them run and frolic.

The fire has left a lot of devastation, according to the Cal Fire incident report at 8:00, over 1600 acres burned and 21 homes were destroyed. What a terrible tragedy. Please pray for the family’s that are all homeless, this is an area that is already economically repressed, and this cannot be easy for them. The fire is 50% contained, hopefully it is 100% contained and out in the morning!
Due to all the action we have not gotten the emails out to the donors so the horses can be named. As soon as life settles down, the horses will have names! Should definitely be tomorrow! Hope hope… At least we are certainly hoping for an incredibly boring, uneventful day tomorrow. The barefoot trimming clinic was canceled tomorrow due to the fire.

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