Our blog is updated earlier than normal because we are taking precautionary action and evacuating all the horses that we can. There is a raging fire just a few miles from us, in a mostly upwind direction. At about 3:00 pm the fire was about 4 miles from us. The word is we are going to be officially evacuated this evening, so we are getting the horses out while we can, moving them to our 10 acre foster home in Gridley. Further updates will be provided as we can, but we will not be responding to phone calls and emails until we get a chance and it’s all over.

This is not at the ranch, but it is a few miles away.

The latest map of the fire as of 3:00 pm. The black star is our location.

Brighter note, we showed horses and had a normal day until the fire started up. Judy adopted her dream horses and they are headed home. Two less horses to evacuate.

If you can help us trailer or assist in this emergancy, you may call our cell phone at 530-370-4056.

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