Sedoma was adopted today and Tawnee took her to her new home first thing this morning. Just on Sunday her life hung on the balance of killer buyer or rescue, and thankfully she came to safety and is now in her forever home. That’s so much Allison for giving Sedoma a great life ahead of her. It’s nice to know that she will never be dumped with no thought for her future again.

Volunteer Angela came out today and cleaned stalls. Dottie was the first one to flop down and enjoy her nice new bedding donated by Steve and Wendy. Dottie and her pregnant pet goat are doing great. Any day now there should be little goats on here. Long story, but for those that don’t remember it, the goat eloped over to the neighbours and came back pregnant.

Tawnee headed out to the vet with the little stallion pony and Buddy. Today was their last day of stallionhood. Unless too many emergencies come into the vet. But, the plan is, tomorrow, along with Cowboy’s surgery as well. They apparently have been as swamped as us, but tomorrow is our day they say. Thursday sounds like a nice calm day at the vet office. We hope.

The fire that threatened our rescue is now 100% contained thankfully! It is shaping up to be a long hot summer. It was a scare, but it was good practice for evacuation also. It looks like we need about a 3 hour window to have everyone moved out to safety. Now we need to bring the 11 horses that were moved out back. One of our volunteers is involved with the fire department and she says even if we had to leave the horses they would all survive thanks to the big open meadows with bare ground where they have eaten all the grass. We would still want to take them all with us though! Another fire is raging near Chico and the smoke is drifting down our way. It has burned over 6000 acres and is only 10% contained. The smokey skies do make a beautiful sunset however. It’s amazing that beauty can come from such destruction and devastation. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who’s homes are threatened or gone.

All Road Communications called us up this evening and have chosen to donate another $5,000, this time for the feed / care of the rescued horses. 13 horses were saved by their previous generous donation at the Sunday auction. We cannot thank them enough for their generosity! If you need to rent a satellite phone (for that next back country horse trip) contact them! We truly appreciate their, and every one’s, support in our rescue efforts. It’s what makes it possible to save horses and give them the best possible chance at a new life! Thank you Chris and Janet!

Thanks to Joe at TB Friends for the kudos in his blog! We really appreciate the publicity and the kind words.

This week has been flying by at a rapid rate, hopefully the rescue settles down, but with 23 still unevaluated horses, I doubt it will anytime soon.

The horse lists have been sent to the donors and we should have some names tomorrow to attach to the pictures of all the equines saved at the last auction.

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