Sorry folks, we don’t have time to catch up on yesterdays happenings or today’s. We are having to race off to help evacuate 60 horses from Paradise this evening. Jason spent the day on the road picking up a couple donated horses in the Stockton area. It has been a crazy hectic day, or rather, a crazy hectic week! Please don’t expect return communication until Sunday at the earliest. The good news is, Jason got all 4 new tires on the truck today so hopefully our flat tire episodes are over for awhile. Regular, complete blog updates will return very soon!

Below is a news report of what is happening.

Animal rescuers need help – Staff Reports
PARADISE — Animals are being rescued from the Humboldt Fire in numbers that are prompting calls for assistance There are about 450 animals now at the Butte County Search and Rescue facility on Morrow Lane in Chico, and the number is rising View Full Story

Images courtesy of http://www.chicoer.com/.

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