06-12-08 – Updated

Thursday started off pretty normal. Emails were coming in with great updates. The first update was from Sedoma, she’s doing great in her new home and the kids just love her. It’s so great to see a horse that just a few days before hung in the balance between life and death, but is now in a happy forever home with all the love, care and attention.

The next update email brought a squeal of joy from Tawnee. Eva, who we believed was pregnant when she was adopted, gave birth to a beautiful little filly. Eva came to us Nov 30th of 2007, from a feedlot where she was being fattened for slaughter. Click here to read the blog entry about the day she arrived. She was quite the scruffy little pony when she came, now look at her sleek and beautiful!

Katherine at Horse.About.Com mentioned us in her blog today. It was a great article, worth the time to read if you have a spare minute. Here’s the link! Thanks Katherine for the publicity!

Talking about publicity, we got a record number of unique visitors today! 668 people visited our website! Usually we are between 300 and 500, so we definitly had a boost thanks to Katherine’s blog entry.

Our vet appointment was canceled due to our vet having to go sedate horses to get them into a trailer so they could be evacuated from the fire’s path. With the vet appointment canceled, Tawnee headed out to bring the 11 horses back to our ranch that we had evacuated due to the fires on Tuesday. With no threat of fire to our rescue, we thought it best to bring them back for evaluation and adoption. It took a long time, catching all the horses and loading them, but finally they were all in the trailer ready for the trip back to the ranch. After leaving the foster home, Tawnee got a call from Jason letting her know that our volunteer Deb was having to evacuate and needed us to come pick up her horses as soon as possible. Deb had come down on Tuesday to help us evacuate and had left her horse trailer at our rescue just in case we needed it, and now she didn’t have a trailer and the fire was heading their way. Tawnee was on her way back to the rescue when a few miles away on the gravel road she got a blown out tire. With 10 horses in the trailer, there was a lot of weight on the tire and it got ripped to shreds. So there Tawnee was, stuck in the middle of nowwhere, with 10 horses, and needing to get up to evacuate Deb’s horses.

A helpful family stopped by, and proceeded to try to change the tire. After breaking our jack, they headed off to get their jack, and after breaking their jack AAA was called. After almost breaking AAA’s jack, the tire was finally changed at about 9:30 at night. By this point Tawnee had told Deb to find another option to move their 5 horses and was talking to our vet who was only 3 miles from the fire.

By the time all the horses were unloaded and settled in, the winds had died down and thankfully we did not have to head out again. When Thurdsays first blog was written, we were in the process of heading out to evacuate the Vet office, but at the last minute we were called off.

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