06-13-08 – Updated

Today (Friday the 13th) was an incredibly busy day. Jason’s first goal of the day was the get new tires put on the truck. It sure is a good thing the use of the truck is all donated by Tawnee and Jason, that $980 for tires sure will feed a lot of hungry horses. After the tires were on Jason headed down to the Stockton area to pick up Tiger and Kate. Tiger was adopted on Dec 16th. Here’s the blog entry of his adoption, click here. He was no longer working out for his adopter so he has come back to us.

Kate was donated so we can find her a great home. Her previous owner has taken super excellent care of her and she is very happy and well loved. A thank you to her donor who also donated hay, supplements and tack to care for Kate! It’s always so nice when people are thoughtful when they donate their horse.

While Jason was on his way back to the rescue, Tawnee received word of around 60 horses in the Paradise area that needed to be evacuated. Claire immediately headed up, while Tawnee waited for Jason to get back to the ranch so we could unload the horses, hook up our big trailer and head out. Bret, Deb’s husband, came down to get his trailer and then ended up taking our trailer since it’s bigger. Right about the middle of Oroville Bret received word that the horses had mostly been moved to safety. After talking on the side of the road, Bret continued on with our trailer while we turned around and headed back for some much needed rest.

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