Today was evaluation day! It actually was a pretty ‘normal’ day at the rescue although we did miss Deb terribly… No doubt our trailer and our guinea pig rider are gone forever… No, she’ll be back. She’s just recovering from all the evacuation and stress like we are. Yes, all of her horses are safe.
Becky came out today. Tawnee and her got a lot done. The big Belgium guy is such a sweat heart! And he rides like a dream. He’s just so mellow. He seems to love “Justin Boots” baseball caps.

Becky and Tawnee evaluated about 6 horses today! It was definitely fun making the horses feel loved and cared for while they evaluated their riding and adoptable potential. We really need to get these horses places, it’s been a whole week since we’ve rescued them and the only messing with we’ve been able to do is evacuating them.

A new horse was donated today. Buck, a beautiful palomino gelding. Sorry folks, this guy is already in adoption pending by one of our volunteers. They don’t care that he can go lame with extended riding as they only want to do light riding.

Jason, in the midst of everything, got a new look and technology on our website. If anyone cares about the core of the matter, the entire website runs on php now. If you find dead links or something doesn’t work, please let us know asap! We also updated our supporters links on the left side of the website. We greatly appreciate your support, if there are any changes you would like to see made let us know.

The Parelli Natural Horsemanship kit is up to $405 on Ebay! Less than a day left, if you’re interested make sure you bid soon. Here’s the link, click here.

We got caught up on 3 days worth of blogs today. It’s amazing how quickly we can get behind on almost everything when fires are raging all around…

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