Today the Parelli Ebay auction went off for an amazing $430! We have already spent the funds ordering another Horse Round Bale feeder from Tractor Supply. This will make 3 feeders, the original one, the one donated by Tina (still on order) and the Parelli Feeder (not made by Parelli, there is no ‘natural horse feeder’ that we know of) but still we shall affectionately call it that. Now we only have 1 feeder left to go until all of our larger pens have these wonderful feeders in them. Only another $325 left to go…

Our vet called us up today with some sad news. She finally got time to work with Cowboy, and he unfortunately is so frightened of needles that she cannot proceed with the operation. Her operations are done with the equine standing, and he will not stand still for needles in any way shape or form, even with heavy sedation. She cannot work safely so close to his hooves. This leaves us with some big decisions. Cowboy needs his surgery, but he would have to be unconscious, then slung up onto the operating table for our vet to proceed with the surgery. Over the phone she said it would probably be an over $2000 surgery. And, another thing we must think about, with nevicular surgery, the nerves can grow back within 3 years and the equine can be in pain once again. We will be consulting with our board about the best way to proceed.

Tawnee’s page has been updated with more information and a great write-up about her dreams for helping the animals of Dominican Republic be treated with love and humanity. Click Here to visit the new page!

We had volunteers out today, cleaning and spending time with the horses. Tawnee also showed horses today. We should be seeing some adoptions here very soon! Kristy (the volunteer that does all the applications) has been working really hard and so people are being approved.

And finally, a week overdue, here are the pictures and names of the auction horses from last auction rescue!
621-Tuxpt Pixies Whistle – Pixie is a sweet guy who was at the previous auction and was run through again last auction. The first time we saw him he was a stunning little guy, but in only a month he is now underweight, scraped up and lame. His adoption fee is currently waived.

622-Macayla – Adoption Pending.

623-Vela – This mare is trained to ride, she is a very marish mare however, but surprised us how well trained she is. Let’s just say she is very motherly and tries to take other full grown horses in as her baby. Adoption fee $650.

624-Sonoma – Adopted!

625-Rowan – This supposedly 12 year old QH appears to be foundered. We will be consulting with our vet for his best possible future.

626-Madison – 24 year old mare appears to have ringbone on 3 legs. We will be consulting with our vet for his best possible future.

627-Cephei – Adoption Pending

628-Virgo – 15-16 year old mare, easy going, loves attention. Can be saddled but doesn’t seem to know a whole bunch, we’re waiting for Deb to come evaluate her.

629-Dakota – Blind in one eye, very sweet easy going older guy, trained to ride, adoption fee waived.

630-Orion – Older gelding, clubbed footed, has lameness. We will be consulting with our vet for his best possible future.

631-Lily – Adopted
632-Penny Possum – 4 year old Arab mare, halter broke, sweet, likes attention. Adoption fee: $200.

633-Cygnus – Adoption Pending

634-: “Sierra”Poppin Surprise – Has some lameness. We will be consulting with our vet for his best possible future.

A funny side note on this horse’s paper, someone burned the foaling date out with a cigarette, but forgot to burn out the paper issue date. They were issued in 1988, so she’s in her 20’s. They told the auctioneer to say she was a 10 year old. Crooks are dumb, you’ve gotta wonder if after they burned it with a cigarette if they felt stupid or not.

635-Aquilae – Older TB mare. Not evaluated yet.
636-Equuleus – Mare with injury near her eye, it’s healing well. Not evaluated yet.

637-Nicholas – 5 month old colt, leads and ties, friendly and likes people. half Appy, Half Arab, adoption fee: $150.

638-Apodis – Older TB mare. Not evaluated yet.

639- Indus – 2 year old filly with severe leg injury. We will be consulting with our vet for the best possible future for her.

640-Pavo – 5 year old Appy gelding. Not evaluated yet.

641-Pegasi – Stallion, now gelding, our vet says she already has plenty of adopted lined up, so it shouldn’t be hard to find this cute little guy a home. Not evaluated yet.

642-Preston – 5-6 year old 16.2 hand gelding, trained to ride, has a lot of potential. Needs lots of feed and love. Adoption fee: $650.

643-Brayden – Very sweet mule! Like a puppy dog. Not evaluated yet.

And that’s all the horses we got from the last auction rescue! There is still a lot of evaluation to be done, getting them up on Petfinder and into great forever homes! Please tell all your friends that are wanting a horse that it’s better to adopt a horse than to buy a horse!

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