Cygnus was adopted today by one of our volunteers. She absolutely fell in love with her when she was out working, and today she was able to take her to her forever home. Thanks Ann-Marie for all your hard work and for giving Cygnus such a great home!

Today was the first horses that we brought into our program under our new guidelines. With a donation of $200, we will bring an equine into our program of any needs level with the understanding that if it is not adoptable it will be humanely euthanized. The $200 helps to cover the cost of care, transporting, goodbye treats, and euthanasia. We hope this program will help prevent some horses from ending up in the hands of killer buyers. If they are adoptable, we will do our best to find them a home, but if they are not, we will give them the best time of their life.

The two horses that were donated into this program are both in their 30’s. The Palamino mare (below) is 33 years old and is bonded with her completely blind 31 year old Appy friend, above. They’re in good health, and we would love to find them a forever, loving home for their last months together. By the way, the red fencing in the background is not ours, it’s the neighbours.

We have a new structure on the ranch now. It is a computer data center, built near the only cell phone reception on the place so we can hopefully have high speed Internet soon. We still have to get the antenna up, run power out to it, and get the network working.

This (the high speed Internet) will definitely make updating Petfinder much quicker! Tawnee spent hours today waiting for pictures to load, watching the little “Loading, please wait…” message. She needs high speed Internet! Petfinder is completely updated now, we don’t have a lot of information about all of the horses up yet, as they are still being evaluated, but if you are interested in one please call us! 530-534-7742.

Here is an equine representation of Tawnee’s expression after watching the “Load, please wait…” message for hours. Aquilae had this look down pretty good! She’s a silly girl, she walked around for quite some time today with her tongue hanging out. Guess she’s happy and content.

We have 35 available horses, please spread the word! They really need homes very badly. The sooner they are placed into forever homes, the sooner more horses can come in that are out there waiting to be saved.

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