Today we got terribly sad news from our retirement foster home. Bessie passed away during the night. She was 21 years old. We rescued her from a feedlot before she was shipped out for slaughter. The feedlot gave her anabolic steroids to fatten her up, and when she came to us she quickly dropped weight. She gained it back and was seemingly very happy and healthy. Just 7 days ago Tawnee took this picture when she trimmed her hooves. She would have never guessed that a week later Bessie would pass away. We love you Bessie and will miss you!

Today we got very exciting news! All Road Communications will match all donations towards this auction rescue up to $5000, for a total of $10,000 towards this auction rescue! Each dollar that you donate will be doubled. Your donation really makes a difference now, please donate what you can. Even $5 will turn into $10 just like that thanks to the generosity of Chris and Janet at All Road Communications. The matches will be added at the end of the fundraising. We are currently at $90, which with the match is $180!

Today Tawnee worked tirelessly on finding our next source for cheap hay. No, we are not almost out, but it is much wiser to purchase hay when it is cheaper than when it is more expensive. We hear sad news that hay may be hitting $17-$18 a bale this winter, and that’s not the feedstore price. Tawnee found great quality grass / clover hay for $8.88 a bale. They are selling it for $10 a bale, and we are giving them a tax receipt for the difference. We will be getting about 500 bales. We are also going to be working on getting quotes for a large hay barn, hopefuly we can get a years supply in the springtime each year when it’s cheap.

Today we showed horses and Ann Marie came out and volunteered. She got the stalls all clean and gave Dakota a great grooming. Dakota enjoyed it so much, you could see it all over her face.

Great news for 4 of our newer arrivals. Pixie and Indus were placed into adoption pending status, and so was Bi-Gold and Dakota! We are so excited that Bi-Gold and Dakota are getting a forever home where they can live together forever. The plan is for them to go home on Monday.

We want to share a great rescue success story with you. Lucky was rescued from a livestock auction when she was 2 months old back in 2004. She was separated from her mother and driven to the auction with a bunch of other horses for 5 hours. She spent all day at the auction in the summer heat. We bought her for $90.

With lots of love and care Lucky pulled through her ordeal and started growing and showing signs of being happy and healthy.

Lucky was adopted when she was 6 months old to a very wonderful lady.

And here is Lucky Lacing almost 4 years later, still doing great! Her coloring is absolutely unique and beautiful. It is called Lacing, and Equine Color has a great write-up about it. Click Here!

We are so lucky to be able to make a difference in horses lives, and we are so lucky to have you as our friends and supporters to make it possible We have already helped 146 equines this year alone thanks to your support, both financial and emotional.

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