Wow, just in case you hadn’t heard the news by now, Pharlap died of arsenic poisoning 75 years ago. They are claiming it may have been accidental overdosing, but who really knows. The person that really knows, if there is one, is probably already passed away by now. You can read one of the many news articles by clicking here.

We headed out to the vet today. We had so much to do it was just crazy. We took Bunny to get her hernia evaluated. After her examination, the vet determined that there was a large tear in her abdominal wall and a large portion of her intestine was pushed out through the tear. There is nothing that could be done for Bunny, a surgery at her age most likely would kill her. The vet aged her at approximately 25 years old. Our vet recommended that Bunny be humanely euthanized, so she was. We will really miss Bunny, she was a part of our lives for a long time.
There is great news, the vet gave us a perfect bill of health for Alex! He is in adoption pending, so hopefully he will be going to his forever home very soon.
We also brought back Pegasi the pony, now a gelding. He is doing well, he has some swelling so he has some medicine to make it all better. He is happy and chirper though.
Cowboy has come back from the vet for good now. We have been in extensive communication with Sally, our barefoot trimmer, and she is going to be examining him on Sunday to see what her plan is. She is going to try some things with special boots etc.
Buddy also came back today, he was too wild to get close enough to sedate enough to geld. We will have to try some other options. The picture below is Buddy loading into our trailer from his stall at the Vet.

We drove past part of the Paradise fire, what a horribly devastating fire it was. Here is just a small part of it as seen from the road by Butte College.

With everything that has been going on with the rescue, we have been unable to keep up with all the emails that are pouring in, but tomorrow we are setting aside a large portion of the day to hopefully catch up 100%. Sorry if you haven’t had an email reply yet, feel free to call us.

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