Today both Tawnee and Jason were inoperably sick, and so other than caring for the immediate needs of the horses, not much got done.

Claire and her husband Ron came over today to borrow the stock to shear their Llama’s. Claire gave us an update on the little bird: it is doing great and is almost ready to fly! Good job Claire, it’s simply amazing how fast birds grow.

The auction fund is currently at $95, with All Road Communications matching grant we are at $190! So, with the current funds, about 1 horse can be saved. We want to save a lot more horses than that though, so please give what you can. You can be a horses hero.

Jason feverishly, literally, worked on the emails, so if they seem a bit incoherent, it’s sickness induced. If you are expecting an email and didn’t get one, please write again.

Have a great weekend! We’re planning on resting a lot and kicking this flu.

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