Today was a busy day and we found out that Pegasi has some tricks up his hooves. He can bow and stretch out, and who knows what else he knows. He neck reigns, rides nicely, and is a super sweet little guy. He still thinks he’s a stallion, but he’s not… Time should fix that one. His adoption fee is only $650.

We had 6 volunteers come out today: Deb, Becky, Teresa, Kimmy, Annette and Fernando. A huge thank you to each one of you!

Here’s Deb riding the mule, Brayden. He did really good, he is very nicely trained to ride. She also evaluated a lot of other horses, but we are waiting for her write-up about them.

Teresa also came out today. It’s been a long time since we’d seen her last, but now she has a 4 month old baby to show for it! She didn’t bring her baby with her, it is really nice to have her back though. She enjoyed washing the horses and cleaning out the tack room. Thanks Teresa!

As usual Tawnee showed lots of horses. Tawnee is still quite under the weather with the worst sore throat she has ever had, but work has to go on. Deb and Becky helped take over the showing of horses today. They did a great job, Hershey is now in adoption pending!

We also two adoptions today. Makayla was adopted, she’ll be going to her new home really soon. Thanks for giving her a great home and the training that she needs!

Buck was adopted today as well by Anette and Kimmy. They are the ones that placed a hold on him, and after several visits they realized that life wouldn’t be the same without him, so they adopted him today. Such a lucky guy Buck is, we know they’ll take great care of him. Annette’s favorite color is a palamino, and this guy she really loves.

We had a great update today on Crisco! “It is truly a match made in heaven. Everyone at the stables is amazed at how beautiful Crisco is now. He doesn’t he seem like the same horse. I think he shed his fears and sadness away when he shed his winter coat. He is the most amazing horse! It thrills me to no end to see him so happy.I would love to have to visit him sometime. You will be shocked at how shiny his coat is. He looks like a show horse now.”

It’s been a long hot day, we’ll all see what tomorrow brings!

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