We got up to the undelightful overcast of thick heavy smoke. It’s no wonder with almost all of northern CA burning up. It kept the temperature cooler, but it was really muggy and hot anyway. We called up Sally, our barefoot trimmer, and she had to cancel coming down once again because she was under evacuation. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those that once again are threatened by fires. So far it just hasn’t been a good year for fires…

Cathy and her kids came out today and volunteered. They did a lot of cleanup and horse care. They also helped with the never ending horse watering. With the heat, it’s hard to keep up with all the water and our well has a hard time keeping up with the demand. Hopefully it holds out through the summer. Here they are enjoying the little pony, Pegasi.

Jason delivered Bi-Gold and Dakota to their new forever home today. It is so wonderful seeing these two senior horses placed into a home where they can live out their lives together.

Dakota is in a nice quiet stall, she was a little nervous being in a new situation, but she was settling down as Jason left.

Bi-Gold and Dakota’s adopter is a previous adopter who adopted Muffin in 2006. Muffin is still doing absolutely great! When he first came he had a heavy winter coat on. He was underweight, but it was hard to tell unless you felt his bones through his hair.

Now he is a classy, fat little guy, hanging out in his forever home with more of our rescued horses now.

The auction fund is currently at $1015. With All Road Communication’s matching funds we have raised $2,030! That can save a lot of horses, but we would like to save more…

Jason and Tawnee are fighting hard to kick the flu, hopefully sometime this week!

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