Today was another e-news day. Tawnee worked hard on it pretty much all day, and by this evening it was on its way. We are hoping with this e-news to generate interest in volunteering and raising funds for the next auction. If you did not get the e-news and you feel that you should have, please sign up again on our website. It’s a fully automated process now, so you could sign up 100 times with the same email address and it wouldn’t bother us at all. You can also click here to view the e-news.

We are looking for some dependable volunteers. You do not need to live near the rescue for this volunteer work. Residing anywhere in the United States is fine. We have a couple specific duties that we are looking for volunteers to fill. First we are needing some volunteers to help with the My Pony Girl Club of America. You may remember reading about this club before, well we are getting ready to launch but we need your help! We are in the beginning, planning stages of this exciting, nationwide club that we expect every horse loving girl between the ages of 5 and 15 will want to join. You can visit our website (under construction) at http://www.myponygirlclub.com/.

Our second volunteer need is for someone to do the adoption application processing. There are only 4 – 5 references to call, but somehow it usually ends up taking quite a few calls, playing phone tag, etc, to get it all done. We really need someone that can devote some time and organizational skills to getting this done.

Gregster has been playing with a lot of kids recently. He was taken to a Vacation Bible School and he was a huge hit. He really enjoyed taking kids around for rides, not to mention the handfuls of treats. Looks like fun!

We got an update on Dakota and Bi-Gold, they are doing great in their new home and are settling in nicely. Just a FYI for anyone that may have been worried they are separated from the previous pictures, they were in stalls right next to each other and are together again now.

High speed Internet is now a reality! Thanks to Jason’s 100 hours of hard work, we now have decently reasonably high speed Internet! It’s about 20x faster than our old Internet, so we’ll be putting more video’s of our rescued equines on our available page now.
We just got an update on Prairie and Spunky while we were doing this blog. They are doing great and looking oh so good these days! Quite a change from the scruffy shaggy TB yearlings we rescued earlier this year.

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