Today was as always a busy day, Tawnee and Jason were both up and around, not quite 100% yet but close. It’s nice to be able to feed and care for the horses without a 101 degree fever, nausia, etc.

The auction fund is currently at $1307, every donation helps out a lot! Horses lives are on the line, we can all do our part.

We’ve received a lot of people volunteering to do applications, as soon as Tawnee’s voice is back up to speaking quality she will be calling you all and selecting the most qualified. Thank you for your great response, we really appreciate it!

Ann – Mari came out today and brought a couple little helpers with her. She did a great job watering, cleaning and generally helping out. Thanks so much for your help! It is so great to have a wonderful volunteer like Ann that we can count on every week to help out.

No, Jason isn’t spinning the tires, we purchased a much needed drag harrow today to scrape the grounds and make it safer and cleaner for the horses. It works absolutely great and makes the large pens look wonderful! It’s a dirty, dusty job but it is so much nicer once it is done. It also cleans and conditions the round pen too.

Tawnee evaluated a couple horses today. There are so many horses that need evaluation, it is taking some time catching up. We have so many horses that are just halter broke and need training, if you know of anyone that is qualified to train horses who could be persuaded to spend some time out here training, or even better could adopt one or two and give it a great chance at life, please send them our contact information! Sierra is trained to ride, here’s Tawnee riding her.

“Tina’s Feeder” is finally here! Jason put it all together himself, moved it to the perfect spot and filled it up with yummy hay. The horses absolutely love it, thanks for donating it Tina! In the picture below, the horses look bewildered, they really didn’t want to eat Jason but he was hanging out in the feeder for what seemed like long past supper time…

North Coast “The Journal” ran a very interesting article and it included parts of an interview with Tawnee. You can read the article by clicking here. It says we claim to be California’s largest non-profit horse rescue, a correction, we believe we are northern California’s largest (largest being defined by how many horses are rescued in the last 12 months.) They interviewed awhile ago, click here.

One of these days the sun will be bright enough to cause shadows, but we are counting our blessings and enjoying the relief from the heat. The smoke is pretty intense, our thoughts and prayers are for the people who’s homes and business‘ are being destroyed by these raging fires everywhere.

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