Tawnee showed horses again today, it’s great she is able to be up and about and doing such a great job again. Hershey and Virgo’s adopting mommy’s came out today to visit them. They love them so much! Hershey however, didn’t want to visit people as he was distracted by Phoebe. Phoebe came in heat today, so she is not pregnant thankfully, and Hershey was really twitter pated. We finally managed to catch him and once he was separated from her he was fine, he just did not want to leave her side. Just so there is no confusion, he is definitely a gelding, so there will be no baby Phoebe’s. Tawnee also showed other horses to other prospective adopters today.

Jason worked for many hours on fencing, it seems that fencing is never a “build it and forget it” project. But that is the horses jobs, trying to escape, and it’s Jason’s job to keep them in. The grass is always greener, or in this case, a nicer shade of brown, on the other side of the fence. Other than the other hundreds things that got done today it was fairly quiet.

And now for a great rescue story that is close to our hearts. Manny was rescued by Lassen County Animal Control back in the fall of 2005. He was severely under weight along with 2 other horses that all came into our organization. Below is a picture of Manny when he was initially rescued. It’s hard to tell how thin he was, pictures tend to add weight to horses, especially white horses, but he was really emaciated. Unbelievably enough, he was the fattest of the three.

On top of that he has pink skin, and with no shade or protection he was sun burned multiple times, leaving raw sores around his eyes.

And crusty sunburned lips and nose. Poor guy, it really had to hurt so bad. It is terrible that people can stand by and let their animals suffer in so many horrible ways and do nothing about it. Early in the spring of 2006 Manny and the two other horses made their way to our rescue, then located in snow country near Quincy, CA. Usually we had a lot more snow during the winter, that was just a little snow flurry that passed through. It’s so much easier on the rescued horses not having to deal with snow on top of any other problems they may have. Manny was adopted shortly after the picture below.

Today we got an update on Manny, now named Doc. “I’d send you guys a pic of What’s Up Doc (Manny). He is coloring out wonderfully. Loves massages, and just being loved on. He really is a laid back kind of guy.”

It is always so great getting updates years later. It is nice seeing a horse that has been through so many bad things in a home where he receives love, care, and will never suffer through starvation and deprivation, with bones sticking out through his taunt skin, again.

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