Jason cleaned out the stock trailer this morning in preparation for the days events. After cleaning it out, Hershey and Virgo were loaded up. Virgo is such a sweet girl, she loaded right up, but Hershey wasn’t so anxious. He did get in without a huge fuss and off they went. They are going to be spoiled almost rotten, and we know they are going to be really loved and cared for.

Jason took the stock trailer to Lattitudes in Oroville to have some graphics and text put on. We’ve been savign some money, setting it aside, and we finally had it. Here they are installing a picture…

“As Seen on Animal Planet” on our truck with the picture above. The picture is of Robert and Louis Krume. Click Here for Robert Krume’s filmography. The Robert and Louis Krume estate made a significant contribution to NorCal Equine Rescue back in 2005, and we are eternally grateful. It really made the rescue get off to a great start.

Tawnee kept busy today with phone calls, adoption applications (Tawnee has gone through the applications but hasn’t yet finalized her decision) and other office work.

Have a great weekend, check back for our regularly scheduled update Sunday evening!

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