Today started off with a flurry of activity . There were early phone calls, potential adopters viewing horses, the large pens got harrowed, and then all of the excitement was over by 9:30. The cancellations came in for horses being picked up today, no volunteers chose to come out today, and it was, unbelievably enough, a quiet Sunday. This gave Tawnee and Jason a chance to do office work.

Jason got our brochure updated today, it should be more family friendly now. No more mention of horse slaughter, but it has a lot more about NER on it. The fact is, it’s hard on a lot of people to see the reality of what is happening to horses and the urgency that they need to be saved.

The next auction is about 2 weeks away. We have $1512 raised so far, with All Road Communications matching gift, that is $3,024. We currently have 29 available horses, so it would be really great to get some horses placed before the next auction!

Our hay pile continues to get transformed into horse manner. We have more hay lined up to get, we’re just having a hard time getting a transporter. We’ll find one though, and then another bunch of hay will be here!

We were actually able to see the sun today. The smoke has been thick enough where it’s been hard to see the sun. Last night the stars shone for the first time in quite awhile. This evening was the first time we have been able to see a sunset like this in over a week. Sure was pretty!

Dusty, Blaze and Mac were supposed to go to their new home today, but some plans changed and we’ll be delivering them on Wednesday. They’ve waited a long time to go home, and that should definitely be the day. We really appreciate their adopter adopting Mac as well. He has had a lot of abuse in his past, but we’re confident they have the knowledge to take good care of him. We really appreciate Cathy stepping forward and wanting to give him a forever home no matter if he ever learns to love people or not. It would be great if there were more people willing to adopt troubled horses. These horses need homes badly!

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