The last day of June has come and is almost gone. Wow, the year is just flying by. So far this year we have rescued 146 equines! That’s a lot of wonderful horses that would probably be dead or in horrible situations if it wasn’t for us.

The Auction Rescue Fund is now at $2,772! A big thank you goes to Jeanne M. for sending a $1,250 check from her horses Dutch, Mack & Rienzi. Please give them a big hug and kisses from all of us here at the rescue. This donation will help save a lot of horses. Any other horses willing to donate out there?

Cathy and her girls came out to volunteer today. They had become approved to adopt earlier, and were waiting for the perfect match. Today they all fell in love with Dakota Boy and Sierra and have adopted them. What a wonderful match all the way around. We’ll be delivering them to their new home hopefully tomorrow. These two horses are definitely going to be spoiled rotten, and they deserve every bit of it.

Makayla finally got taken to her new home today. She was adopted awhile ago, but transportation arrangements were finally completed. This pretty girl is definitely going to be missed, but she’s gone to an awesome home.

Lori, owner of Main Street Salon in Taylorsville, where NorCal was started, has been doing a fundraising for us. She came down today to deliver the donations, and absolutely fell in love with Alex. They both were so happy with each other, and it is truly a match made in heaven. The local newspaper near Taylorvsille has ran a little article about her fundraiser. “SAVE THE HORSES Lori Cannizzaro, owner of Main Street Salon in Taylorsville, is offering a nice discount through the month of June for any nail service to those who donate $10 or more to NorCal Equine, a nonprofit rescue organization run by former Taylorsville residents Jason and Tawnee Preisner. The Preisners, who now operate an expanded rescue center in Oroville, will be here to participate in the Fourth of July Parade this summer.” Since the newspaper said we’re going to the parade sure enough, we’re going. If any of you want to take a road trip on the 4th, you can watch us go through the parade! Main street Taylorsville, starts about 9:00 am.

That pile of “trash” is actually a bunch of wormers that came in from Country Supply today. They were running a great discount, and the pile (100) wormers only cost right about $200. What a great savings!

We also received a long needed item: a short range tranquilizer gun. Per our vet’s recommendation, we got the perfect one that will sedate wild and dangerous horses from a distance without stress or trauma for medical procedures like gelding. It can also vaccinate wild horses from a distance if they are too traumatized of needles or are unhandleable.

We really needed the tranquiler gun when we chased Campeon and Luna around an almond orchard for 6 hours. We are very fortunate that in the end we were able to keep getting them into smaller and smaller pens until they felt like hopping in our stock trailer. We almost had to give up on them and let the authorities shoot them dead. They were running loose in a 15 acre pasture almond orchard, and then about 50 acres of rolling hills. Persistence paid off, but all parties were extremely exhausted by days end.

A big thank you goes to everyone who volunteered to do the adoption application approvals! We are extremely grateful for the outflowing of support. Tawnee chose the person who is going to be doing them, and she didn’t even have to call everyone on the list. Again, thank you to each and every one that volunteered to help! We are still looking for Pony Girl club ideas. Send them in!

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