Wow, what a wonderful outpouring of support for horses in peril at the livestock auction this month! Jennifer G donated $1,000 towards this months auction rescue. Jennifer was the inspiration to start a monthly fundraising drive to save horses from livestock auctions, her original donation of $2,000 earlier this year helped save a lot of horses from auction, and she has supported the auction rescue ever since. Thank you so much Jennifer, and thank you everyone else who makes rescuing horses a reality! Every dollar helps a lot. We are currently at $3,772 leaving only $1,228 to raise for our goal of $5,000. With All Roads Communication’s matching gift, that would give $10,000 for this months auction rescue and care of these rescued horses. The killer buyers should just stay home.

Dakota Boy and Sierra’s new mommy’s came out today and took them home with them. We received a phone call and email updates on them, and they are doing absolutely great. It always makes us so glad to see horses that have such uncertain futures get placed into wonderful homes.

We’ve had phone trouble all day, and AT&T came out and hopefully it will be fixed this evening. It really messes up our day!
We want to thank everyone that uses the Country Care code at Horse.com when ordering their horse supplies. We get checks regularly from them, and it actually does help and it doesn’t‘ cost you a thing. We are changing our code to hopefully make it easier. The new code is: “NorCal” without the quotes. You can still use our old code, but please use our new one if you can. Please all shoppers, please remember that we do have Country Care codes, please use them without making a new account for us. We have had several people open new accounts for us, and unfortunately we never get the money as no one else ever uses it. Horse.com waits until we have $50 in the account before sending a check.

The phone should be up and running tomorrow and we should be back in full operating business. If you’re expecting a call from us, please email or try calling us.

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