Our schedule was to transport Dusty, Blaze and Mac to their new home today, but unfortunately it had to be rescheduled. This allowed us to get caught up on some much needed things.

We printed and folded ~130 new brochures. We toned them down and took out the reality of slaughter pictures. It is now 100% family friendly. We are planning on converting it to a PDF or other easily shared format so you can print it off and share it too!

Our local WalMart donates their broken bags of feed to us on a regular basis, and today they had another cart and a half of feed. It is so incredibly helpful to have an extra 10-20 bags of feed a month.

While in town, Tawnee got some decorations for the parade. We are going to be attending the Taylorsville Parade this Friday and want to look our best. Come to find out, Dollar Tree is the most patriotic retailer in Oroville, they have a much better selection than even Walmart. And it’s only a dollar! Wish they sold gallon cans of diesel…

Tawnee lived near Taylorsville for about 10 years, and has attended many 4th of July parades. Here are some historical pictures ever since her mom got a digital camera in 2001. Enjoy!

2001 – Tawnee had lots of critters and organized a walking petting zoo through the parade with many local children leading the animals.

2002 – Tawnee and Cherokee, and her foal Kika. Tawnee went through as Best Dressed Cowgirl, and got grand entry!

2003 – First place Best Dressed Cowgirl on her little BLM donkey who came from the BLM about 6 months earlier as a wild little donkey.

2004 – Jason and Tawnee, Tawnee convinced Jason that going through the parade was the greatest thing around… Tawnee got grand entry, Jason got 2nd place (out of two guys.)
2005 – Jason drove through this year as NorCal Equine Rescue. Yes, that was our orginal rescue rig. We led 3 horses through the parade, with volunteers sitting on the tailgate. Tawnee, who was extremely due with Justin, sat this one out on the tailgate leading a horse or two.

We also did a little booth at that parade and rodeo. This was the the very first fundraiser event we ever did, and brought in a whopping $350.

2006 – The last parade Tawnee was in, she got grand entry for Best Dressed Cowgirl yet again. Will her fortune hold out this year? She is going as best dressed cowgirl this year once again with her rescued / adopted horse Boaz. She will be wearing the same outfit that she rode through on Peanut below, she decorated it by hand. It was cheap white jeans and button shirt from Walmart, all decorated out with purple.

Then we moved down to Oroville, but this year we are visiting once again! It will be great to see old friends and maybe make some new ones.

Our auction fund is currently $3772, that means that $0.00 were donated today towards the auction rescue! Please don’t let tomorrow be another $0.00 day.

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