Today we hit the $4112 mark, only $888 left to go! Hopefully someone will generously donate the remainder and this auction fund can be wrapped up at $10,000!

Tawnee and Jason delivered Kate to her new home today. She was a little nervous of her new surroundings so Tawnee led her around until she felt comfortable. She was settling in while we were leaving. She has a beautiful pen and will be greatly loved.

Ann Marie and her girls came out to help get the horses ready for the parade tomorrow. She was a great help as always. Dottie had other ideas though. We got her all wet and the first thing she did was…

…roll and make herself all muddy. She is quite the little wiggle worm. Brayden, the mule, looked like he wanted to get in on the action. Don’t worry, we tried our best to get Dottie looking her best, but we will have access to Main Street Salon tomorrow so she will look great!

Tawnee rousted up some old newspaper clippings of her Taylorsville 4th of July parade days. Her mom didn’t have a digital camera back then, but the newspaper recorded it.

The buggy picture was taken in 1994. Tawnee is the little girl sitting in the front with her cousins.

The little pony above and below was Tawnee’s first pony. When Tawnee outgrew him, he was sold to her uncle Art. The little pony was sold again and Tawnee has unfortunately lost track of him. Tawnee is always hoping that she will able to find him sometime, he is 24 now.

Here is Tawnee leading an emu and goat through the parade in 1997. This photo is still in the Plumas County visitor guide to this day, at least last year it was…

Tawnee and her BLM donkey that was discussed last blog.

Since we have received lots of requests for more pictures, here is another picture of the donkey.

We’re leaving about 4:00 am, which is in a few hours, so we must quit working.

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