Happy Independence Day! Today was, as expected, a very long and busy day. It all started at about 4:00 am when we started our day loading horses and decorations to head to Taylorsville. Hwy 70 is closed, so we had to take the back mountain way up over the very top of the mountain to get there. There are just too many fires burning along Hwy 70 to allow the public to travel up the used-to-be scenic route. It was a long, slow, windy trip.

We got Dottie all decorated up, decorated the truck and trailer, and generally got ready for the parade. Here is Dottie visiting the Main Street Salon. She enjoyed going in there to look at all the pretty things and meeting the County Supervisor who was very surprised to see a horse (even a tiny horse) walk into the Salon.

KT Beaner all prettied up showing his true American spirit with his new adoptive mommy. He is going to have such a great home! She was pre-approved and was waiting for him to get a ride up there.
Here is our rescue rig going through the parade. The parade had stopped so Jason hopped out to take a picture. NorCal Equine Rescue got 3rd place in Commerical catagory.

Tawnee riding through as Best Dressed Cowgirl (1st place!) with Alex’s new adoptive mommy. Alex was adopted by Lori, owner of Main Street Salon, so that makes two adoptions today! Alex and KT Beaner! Both Alex and KT were led through the parade in support of our rescue. That little dot in the road in between Tawnee and Lori is Dottie, being led by a local volunteer.

And here is Donnay, Tawnee’s first horse. It was so fun for Tawnee to be able to see her again.

Donnay & Tawnee many years ago… To read about Donnay, click here.

After the parade we picked up a couple horses that were donated to us. Here we are loading them up. A couple other horses were also donated today and we picked them up as well, yes, they are a matching set. Both sets are a paint with a chestnut. Very uncanny!

Here’s all four of the donated horses back in our round-pen settling in. Two sets of nearly identical horses donated from two different homes today. The horses have some health issues, so we are going to be evaluating them soon. We will also be consulting with our vet for their best possible future. One of them has extreme arthritis and one of the paints has the worst club foot we have ever seen. The other paint has some lameness issues that we will have checked out.

We are thankful to be back safely at the rescue and are looking forward to a good weekend of rest and relaxation. Probably won’t get much rest, and I doubt we will relax much, but it’s the thought that counts…

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