One week until the auction! We only have $715 left to go and we will have reached the BIG goal of $10,000.00 for the rescue and care for the auction horses. We are almost there! Please help us get there, even $5 will really help out at this point.

Today was very quiet Sunday with not one visitor. Jason and Tawnee fixed fences, cleaned water troughs and did clean up. They marked the place for the new tack room that will replace the carport canopy make-shift tack room. Our goal is to have our new tack-room up and running this month.
Tawnee made the new horses feel at home today and did some evaluations too. Jason got caught up on emails and all in all was a quiet day. It seems that our week days are busier now than our Sundays, life just seems to go in a series of patterns. On thing is guaranteed: next Sunday is going to be extremely busy!

This horse is Hulls Paint Box called Dakota, yes another Dakota the 3rd one this year, she is one of the ones that was donated on the 4th. We will call her Dakota Girl. Her grand sire is Hobby Horse. That makes her 2nd cousin to Skip, the horse Tawnee first saved from auction back in 2003 and then decided to sell so she could save more horses from auction. We have this horse’s cousin to thank for stirring up the horse rescue passion in Tawnee who then started this rescue.

We spotted this sticker in our local Wal-Mart recently and would like to thank the anonymous supporter! The stickers, though no longer available, were designed and donated by one of our Board of Directors, Scott, many years ago.

Dottie’s pet goat Angel, who eloped over to the neighbours billy goat awhile ago, is due any day. It looks like she is going to pop, quite literally. You should be seeing baby goat pictures very soon.

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