We have an emergency situation on our hands. This 32 year old pony is in dire need of help. His owner passed away, and the owners family is not caring for the pony, who is missing most of his teethe and is unable to eat the grass. A lady found out about him, and started taking food to him, but she cannot afford to care for another horse as she has several of her own. We are working on getting this pony surrendered to us. However, due to his age and current health, the kindest thing may be to give him love and then give him the Last Act of Kindness. This poor little guy has been through a lot, and we really want him to come here and get the help he so desperately needs. We are looking for people to pledge a total of $150 so we can allow him to fall asleep with dignity and love. A vet has seen this pony recently and believes that with his current health condition euthanasia would be the kindest thing to do. The owners say “No, that is dad’s pony!” but they apparently know nothing about horse or pony care as it is obvious he needs lots of love and tlc. Please if you can help this pony, email us: info@savethehorse.com. The pony is located about 25 miles from us so transpiration is a non-issue. We are hoping we can get him tomorrow, on the 8th, but currently with our financial resources and the huge auction rescue coming up, we do not have the funds to bring him in without your support.

Much to our delight the county has decided to grade our road today! Yup, NorCal is based on a dirt road, but the horses love it as there is no traffic flying by. In the terrible event a horse did get out on ‘the road’ all that would happen is traffic would go a little slower around it.

Today was a huge vet day. We took 5 horses out. Two were given the Last Act of Kindness: Apodis and Victory. Victory who came to us on the 4th specifically to be given the LAK. Victory was having continual pain from arthritis and his previous owner told us it was his time to go. After spending time with Victory we definitely agree with his previous owner. Apodis was rescued from the killer buyers at the last auction rescue, she was very old, skinny and sickly. We are so glad we were able to give her love and care, and give her a dignified end instead of being butchered in Mexico. Both of the horses were sedated and munched on grain while they drifted off.

Brayden had an xray on his knee, which showed us the bump above his knee is an old injury and he should be fine. We are going to be evaluating him and taking him on a trail ride to see if he has any detectable lameness.

Pavo was given a pre-purchase exam by his pending adopter. He checked out nicely and has a great spirit.

Preston had an exam and he checked out great and just floats along the ground, he really impressed our vet. It was 107 f. at our vets today, so the horses enjoyed getting sprayed off after their exams.

As promised, here’s the baby goat picture. While we were at the vet today, Dottie’s pet goat Angel had her baby. He’s a cute little boy! We’ll have a name for him soon. Angel could really care less about the little guy and we have to hold her in order for him to nurse. We are planning on bottle feeding the little guy.

Cathy and her girls came out today around 7:00 pm in order to beat the heat. After cleaning the stalls and working their heads off, they all fell in love with Dakota Girl. As they are approved adopters they will be taking her home soon! They recently adopted Dakota Boy and Sierra.

The auction is in 6 days and no funds were raised today. Again, if you can help the little pony, please let us know asap!

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