The panels got loaded up early this morning thanks to All Roads Communications who provided the funds to house the evacuated horses in their dire time of need. Tractor Supply, who generously gave us a 13% discount, brought out the first load of 22 panels with their forklift. They had to make trip after trip…

Finally, all the panels were safely in the trailer for the trip back to the rescue. All 62 of them!

Many volunteers showed up on a moments notice and they helped us get these pens set up in record time. Many of them were evacuees who had horses at our rescue, and it was a great way to spend time with their horses and spend time helping the rescue at the same time.

Here are the new pens, affectionaly called All Roads Rescue Row, all 20 of them, waiting for more evacuees to come in. We took more of the evacuated horses to their owners friends places today, which freed up some pen space. We do still have 6 evacuated equines in our round pen that are pretty much untouchable. We added 7 more pens after this picture was taken.

To top our wonderful day off, NER founders Tawnee and Jason received a wonderful bouquet of 2 dozen pink roses to congratulate them on all their hard work. Maybe Animal Planet Hero of the Year is next? This week is the last week to do nominations. No doubt Tawnee proved herself this week of being an animal hero, when we were in town picking up panels, Tawnee received kind words from evacuees she bumped into thanking her so much for saving their horses. Random strangers were stopping us thanking us for doing a great job in saving lives. We would like to pass that thanks on to you, our supporters, who make our rescue efforts possible!

We are so thankful that our day off is tomorrow, we are physically exhausted. The North Valley Animal Disaster group assures us that unless there are more emergencies everything is under control for equine evacuations. Thanks again for all your support and encouragement.

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