Today was the day that the $10,000 donated to save lives was used for exactly that: 34 equines were saved today from an unknown future at Roseville Livestock Auction. We still hvae some funds set aside to pay for their care. We’re waiting on volunteer Becky for the stats…

Unfortunately our big trailer had a flat tire, so Tawnee borrowed a car and drove down in just a car. We are planning on getting most of the horses moved tomorrow. Thanks Roseville Livestock Auction for donating the stay.

Yes, we actually have permission to take photo’s inside the auction ring once again. We hope to, out of respect for peoples privacy, blur faces if they are recognizable, but really, it is a public auction after all…

Becky was a great help today, she is so good with horses and showed it as she led this poor almost blind horse to a holding pen to await his transportation to safety.

We saw many horses that had evidence of abuse marked vividly all over them. Many of them will be safely at our rescue soon! Like this poor guy with nicks and dings all over his body.

His owners somehow gave him a rope burn all over his nose as seen in this picture. We had to rescue this guy and show him that people are not all bad. Despite what he has gone through, he is still a really sweet boy. He doesn’t like having a halter on his face because of all the owwies though.

This poor mommy and baby were transported to the auction, much to the auction staffs dismay, in an enclosed utility trailer in the heat yesterday. When they arrived both mommy and baby were drenched in sweat and no doubt having an extremely hard time breathing. We were asked by the auction owners what they should do and the answer is simple: call 911, and do not let them leave until the police can transport them to jail. Don’t worry folks, these two were saved today. The owner of these horses did get a pretty good scolding, but the sheriff taking him away would have been a much better ending. But the pony’s are safe now!

We even had an adoption today at the auction today, unbelievably enough, this has never been done before! Before the auction started, a couple women were going around with little coke bottles and buckets filled with water to the horses that did not have water and trying to get them something to drink. They fell in love with an older Morgan gelding, and won him in the auction. Come to find out, the mule and him had been together for over 10 years, and they had a fit when they were separated. The mule was one of our rescues at the auction today. The solution was simple: these two must stay together. The adopters will be going through all the proper qualifications, but we could not separate these two buddies. The ladies were tickled pink to keep them together!

All in all, 34 equines were rescued today, and 1 was placed.

Here they are waiting for us to come pick them up!

Tawnee left the rescue at 9:00 am and didn’t get back until 10:30 pm. While she was gone, some evacuated horse owners came out and helped clean pens, fill water troughs, and did other things.

This volunteer is clearing off a pad for a 4500 gallon water tank he is donating to help give the rescue a water reserve for the hot summer days. We can not thank you guys enough!

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