Today started off with volunteers Cathy and her girls coming out. Cathy adopted and transported Dakota Girl to her place today. Thanks for helping the evacuated horses feel loved and cleaning so many stalls today!

Mayleen came out and took Pouncy to her place for 30 days of training. Thanks Mayleen! We can’t thank you enough. With so many horses that need training, it is great when a trainer is willing to donate their time and energy.

Next we headed out to Chico State University to haul 2 horses, 1 donkey and 2 goats that had been evacuated from the Concow fire to their home. Below they are checking out the trailer before they were loaded one by one. Channel 12 was there filming, so who knows, maybe one of our staff was on the news today. We wouldn’t have a clue as the horses weren’t even all tucked into bed before the 10:00 pm news came on.

After we took the evacuated critters home, we headed down to Roseville to get a load of the auction rescue horses. We wanted to head out a lot sooner, but since our trailer had that nasty flat (3 nails, but only 1 was leaking) Jason didn’t get back from fixing it until 1:00, and that was before we delivered the evacuated animals. We got to the auction yard about 7:00. The horses seemed happy to jump into the trailer. We wish we could have brought them all home, but we rescued too many for that! We are hoping to bring another trailer load back tomorrow, and then another load the next day. It really just depends on the auction yards schedule and when we can pick them up.

We finally got back to the rescue at 9:00 pm and it now there are something along the lines of 70 equines to feed and care for. Here are the recently rescued horses jumping out of the trailer.

Still the crazy hours continue, the fires have consumed every ones lives to a degree that we didn’t’ believe was possible up until last week. We apologize for not responding to each and every phone call and email on a timely basis. If you are trying to get in touch with us, please keep trying!

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