Randy the pony is doing good at his foster home. They sent a picture update on him, it’s hard to see how skinny he really is, pictures seem to always pack weight on horses, but he is terribly skinny. We will be consulting with our vet for his best possible future and care.

Tawnee and Claire loaded up the two trailers (a total of 12 equines) and headed out to return them to their homes in the Concow area this morning. It is nice that they are able to head home so we will have less mouths to feed and more room.

We took the 6 evacuated equines back to Home At Last, an equine retirement center. Here they are happily getting out of the trailer, so glad to be home again.

We had been in communication with Donna, the founder of Home At Last, and we explained the situation on a couple of the horses from the auction, and asked if they would be willing to retire them. One was a blind older gelding, and the other was a terribly formed 2 year old that was sold as a stud of all terrible things at the auction. Someone could have thought “He’s got great color, let’s breed him!” He is going to be an odd looking gelding very soon. Yes, that back is a 2 year old, deformed from birth.

Here are the two auction rescue horses enjoying eating in their new pen at Home At Last. We saved them knowing that they were unadoptable, and they were going to be put into our Last Act of Kindness program instead of allowing them to be slaughtered, but thanks to Home At Last, they can live their lives out in happiness. We really wish there were more homes like Home At Last that would be willing to take in blind, misshapen, lame, and otherwise unadoptable horses.

Here is a very grateful look from an evacuated horse when she got home. It’s so great having evacuated horses show gratitude in a meaningful way. Currently we only have 5 evacuees left.

Today was a very long day, and we were planning on picking up the rest of the horses from Roseville, but unfortunately we had to schedule that for tomorrow as we cannot get everything done in a single day and time just simply ran out.

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