Today started off with volunteer Teresa coming out and helping for a few hours. All of the auction horses that are at the rescue were moved to a larger pen and each one was wormed. Tawnee has a sneaky way that has been developed over the years from worming so many horses that may not like to be wormed. Horses hate the nasty tasting goop, so Tawnee gives them grain in a small bowl, and then while their mouth is opening to munch down on the grain, she slides the wormer in like a flash, hardly touching the edges of their lips, and they get a full dose of wormer. All they know is that the grain didn’t taste so great that time.

The auction horses were so glad to be able to get out and run! Around and around they trotted and galloped, happy as can be.

Jason headed down to the auction for what we thought would be the last load this month at the Roseville auction. Instead, come to find out, there are horses down there that we did not buy that need a home. So, we are going to go check them out tomorrow and pick up the last one we did buy that didn’t want to hop in the already almost full (9 full sized horses) trailer. One of the ones that still needs to be rescued is ‘the mare and foal’ that were transported in the enclosed cargo trailer without air. We received the wrong information, we thought it was the pony and baby, but apparently it is the mare and foal that are still down there. We are definitely planning on getting them tomorrow!

The auction horses at Gridley are very happy to be out there! There is lots of grass, lots of room, and lots of friends.

Yup, there’s a lot of horses out there, right at 22! We’ll be bringing them back to the rescue as we have room for evaluation and adoption. If you see one you like, let us know, but we basically know nothing about them.

There are only 5 evacuated horses left to go home, we were planning on doing it today, but once again the day ran out before the chores did. They should all be home next week.

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