Tawnee headed off down to the auction early this morning. She ended up rescuing 5 more equines from the auction that had been left or were no sale, bringing our total rescue to 39 this month, and there were 78 total auctioned off. We saved 1/2 of the total auction this month! Now comes the hard part of finding them all homes so we can rescue more next month…

This is the mare and foal that were transported to the auction in the enclosed utility cargo trailer. They are full sized horses and it was a most agonizing trip for them, they were both dripping in sweat and were barely able to breath when they got out. Fortunately they have come to the right spot to insure that they will not receive such treatment again.

Tawnee took them out to the foster home and unloaded them, they were all very happy to be out in the green grass. The trip from the rescue to Roseville seemed to have become a daily commute, but it is over now and soon it will become rescue to foster home commute.

The mare and the foal took a long look at their new pasture before venturing out. They probably thought it was too good to be true.

Here’s the baby, happy as can be! This foals first trailer life almost cost him his life, it’s too bad there are people out there either too ignorant or too abusive to care how they treat horses.

This is a wonderful Standardbred that won her owner over $113,000 in the 9 races she won. One of her winnings brought in over $45,000. But, even that success did not guarantee a good life, and she was dumped at the livestock auction with no concern for her future. Her name is Lamaze, and her grand sire is the same as KT Beaner had, the last Standardbred here at the rescue. Her grand sire won over $2,000,000, click here for his story. He was one of the lucky ones that actually got a retirement home.

We are definitely looking forward to our day off. Sunday is shaping up to be a super busy day!

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