Today was a super busy Sunday and there were 2 adoptions and 2 adoption holds! Here is a sweet little mare that doesn’t have a name yet, but she was adopted today to a previously approved adopter. She was rescued from the last auction and she is a little jewel. She was adopted by one of the people who had us evacuate their pony, Happy. Now Happy is getting a friend, that should make him Happy-er!

Cephei was also adopted today to very loving approved home. He should be transported home later this week.

Tawnee had a debate with Deb and Becky as to whether or not Cephei had gained weight since he had come here 6 weeks ago. Jason and Tawnee are with the horses every day so it’s hard to see gradual weight gain, so Tawnee always asks the regular volunteers if the horses are gaining weight. From the pictures you can easily see that he has!

Deb and Becky were right, he’s gained weight and is looking happier, and while he’s not finished yet, he will be fattened up and his adopter promises to send us pictures when he’s fat and sassy.

Deb evaluated a few horses today, but we were so busy showing horses to potential adopters that she didn’t‘ get all of them evaluated. There’s only 39 or so that need evaluation…

While Deb was out, she had to show off her Hero of the Year T-shirt that she got for free for being one of the first 200 people to nominate someone. The nominations ended yesterday, so only time will tell if Tawnee is a nominee or not. If not, at least Deb got a free shirt…

One of the rescues from the auction had absolutely terribly long hooves. His previous owner had left his shoes on for a very long time, and his hooves became overgrown, which then put stress on his legs and tendons while forcing him to stand in awkward positions.

Tawnee got her nippers out and went to work…

…and here they are doing much better! It’s a good thing Tawnee has been paying attention at Sally’s clinics at the rescue!

Poor guy, he had to learn how to walk again with his new hooves. Poor guy, he needs some more grocery’s, not only did his previous owner neglect his feet, they neglected his diet too.

Jason picked up Randy the pony today, and sure enough, he is extremely emaciated.

Becky has a huge love for older equines and made him his first meal here at the rescue. Since he has no teethe, his food must be wetted down and fluffed up.

He is very skinny, and needs a lot of care. Remember: pictures always add weight to a horse and makes them appear fatter than they are. He seems alert and happy enough, but he does tend to become impacted quite easily.

Jason made the 80 mile trip to pick up the first load of the new $8.88 hay. It is absolutely gorgeous grass hay and the horses love it! We’re going to be renting a flatbed to get the rest as the flatbed we used to use went back to its owner.

An update on Pouncy today, now named Charlette. The trainer said that she needed a new name as Pouncy didn’t fit her at all, and no one would want to ride a Pouncy horse anyway. She’s doing great and is being introduced to lots of new things and experiences, and has even had her trainer sit on her. When she comes back she’ll be ready for her new home!

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