Today Jason spent the entire day, from 7:30 am until 11:00 pm hauling hay. It wasn’t supposed to take that long, but it did. Jason arrived at the rental place to pick up the trailer at 8:00 am sharp when they opened. Much to his dismay, the trailer had a flat tire, which they had to fix, and finally about 9:30 Jason headed out to get the hay. The first load was about 80 bales, all hand loaded by Jason. The hay is about 40 miles away, so Jason was able to make 3 trips.

Jason unloaded all the hay by hand too!

After Jason left from the first load of hay, Cathy came out and picked up Sweat Lady and took her home.

Jason arrived back with the 2nd load of hay, this time 91 bales. It all had to be hand stacked and unloaded by Jason too! Yes, those are heavy bales.

With time ticking to return the trailer, Jason had no time to neatly stack the hay, so it kind of looks like it rained hay bales on the rescue today.

Jason headed out for the 3rd load but a pleasant surprise was awaiting him. He didn’t have to load any of this batch of hay, there were 3 strong guys waiting for him and loaded it right up in record time. Jason just sat back and watched them work.

But then, on the way back 11 miles from the rescue, tragedy struck. Both tires blew out almost simultaneously. No, the trailer wasn’t overloaded, but being a rental the tires were apparently not taken care of.

While Jason was sitting stuck with the trailer, Tawnee was showing horses and now Nicolas and Dabney are in adoption pending!

Otto was adopted this evening and will be going home tomorrow! His adopters drove over 500 miles today, arrived at 9:30 pm, the latest that Tawnee showed horses ever.

Help was on the way for Jason, Claire’s husband Ron drove over to the rescue, hooked up the stock trailer and headed out to help Jason.

Finally after restacking all the hay from the flatbed into the stock trailer, they were able to limp the flatbed back on two good tires.

Unhooking the stock trailer. Poor Ron has to leave for work at 4:00 am…

It’s tomorrow now and we’re heading to get a few hours of sleep, Otto is being picked up in a few hours. Jason hauled about 250 bales of hay today, all loaded by hand.

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