The day started off early with Otto’s adopters coming to pick him up for the long journey back home. With a little gentle persuasion he hopped right in and started munching the food down.

Around noon Jason and Tawnee loaded up Cephei to take him to his new home. He was real happy to get in the trailer, he actually seems to enjoy going places. It probably reminded him of days of glory, going to fancy shows and fun places. It’s amazing that we are now draftless. Otto has been with us quite some time, and now, both Otto and Cephei are gone in the same day. Now our fences might stay up and the water buckets won’t get turned over so often.

Jason and Tawnee took their personal truck (they donate the use of it to Norcal) to the drag strip for an evening of racing. It actually did amazingly well. The drag strip was so close on the way to the rescue and after yesterday Jason deserved some fun.

After racing it was time to hook back up and head to the rescue. If you’re wondering, the truck did the quarter mile in 15.5 seconds. About the same as little race cars do it in. So if we ever have to get somewhere quick to rescue horses, we know we can!

After an evening of fun it’s late once again!

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