Today Jason beat the heat and unloaded the stock trailer that was still full of hay before the sun got to hot. That’s another 72 bales of heavy hay. There’s still about 150 bales waiting to be picked up. It is such wonderful hay, we are very fortunate to have been able to stockpile more hay.

The trailer rental company, Surplus City Fun Center in Oroville, really made it right when it came to the tire fiasco the other night with the flatbed and the hay. Not only did they not charge us for replacing the tires, which they legally could have chosen to do, they also gave us credit for a free rental in the future because of our trouble. With an attitude like that, they are sure to do well.

Mid morning Jason and Tawnee headed off to the vet for our Last Act of Kindness day. It was hard saying goodbye to the unadoptable horses, but we just had to keep our hearts focused on the big picture. We saved them from slaughter, gave them love care and attention, and gave them a dignified and peaceful end to their magnificent lives. We love them all and miss them very much! If you are not familiar with our Last Act of Kindness program, please click here.

Ranger was also taken to the vet today for evaluation and hopefully for stringhalt surgery. He is such a sweet boy, and watching him hop along with the vet assistant, it really made us hope he will be a good candidate for surgery! He was in our round pen the other day, goofing around, and he laid down and rolled. When he hopped back up, he felt like running and bucking, but that stringhalt leg soon hoisted itself into the air and he had to stand there with his head hung, looking so sad. He wants to run and play! Hopefully soon he will.

Tawnee worked feverishly on the Petfinder website this evening, our high speed Internet really showed it’s colors, and now every available horse is on our website. There are currently 43 equines needing homes! Please spread the word!

We would like to introduce you to all of the equines that were rescued at the last auction. Please enjoy their pictures! Some of them have already been adopted, so if you see one that you are interested in, contact us ASAP! All these pictures except the 5 at the end were taken at the auction when they were initially rescued.

NER # 676 – 14 year old, female mule – Adopted!

NER # 678 – 25 year old QH gelding. Blind and under weight.
Retied at Home at Last!

NER # 679 – 15-18 yr old QH gelding.

NER # 680 – 15-20 yr old – TB/QH Gelding

NER # 681 – 20 yr old Tennessee Walker, gelding.

NER # 682 – 8 yr old pony mare.

NER # 683 – 4 month old pony foal.
Baby of 682.

NER # 684 – 9 yr old Curly Horse/Paint gelding.

NER # 685 15-20 yr old – TB
NER # 686 – 25 yr old QH, Mare.

NER # 687 – 10 yr old Morgan, mare.

NER # 688 – 11 yr old Arab, mare.

NER # 689 – 13 yr old QH, mare. Adopted!

NER # 690 – 15 yr old Paint mare. Adopted!

NER # 691 – 8-12 yr old QH / cross.

NER # 692 – 8 yr old Arab, mare.
NER # 693 – 8-15 yr old QH, mare.
NER # 694 – 8 yr old Paint, mare. NER # 695 – 6 yr old Paint, gelding. Adoption Pending!

NER # 696 – 10-15 yr old QH, gelding.

NER # 697 – 15 yr old Appy Mare.
NER # 698 – 14 yr old, Standardbred mare. LaMaze
Over $113,000.00 in winnings and she ended up at an auction.
NER # 699 – 6 yr old Quarter Pony / Belgian, mare.

NER # 700 – 2 yr old paint stud colt (now a gelding) with a badly deformed back.
Retied at Home at Last!

NER # 702 – 7 yr old TB off the tack, gelding.

NER # 703 – 20-25 yr old TB mare.

NER # 704 – 8 yr old Arab / Paint mare.

NER # 705 – 20 year old Arab / QH gelding – Flipper.
Flipper was having a lot of pain in his front legs and hooves.
Our vet and trimmer said the kindest thing to do was to let him fall asleep.
Passed away – Flipper you were such a sweet guy we love and miss you.
NER # 706 – TB Gelding.
NER # 707 – TB Gelding.

NER 701 – 4 yr old pregnant Mustang mare.

708 – 4 month old – Mustang / QH colt.
Baby of 701
NER 709 – 4 yr old pregnant Mustang mare. NER # 710 – 3 month old Mustang/ QH colt.

NER # 713- 8 yr old QH gelding.

NER # 714- 8 yr old QH gelding.

NER # 715 – 2 yr old TB gelding.
NER # 716 – 11 yr old QH/Appy mare.

NER # 717 – 5 month old Paint / QH colt.

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