As we are planning on a big evaluation day this Sunday, Jason and Tawnee made a trip out to the foster home in Gridley to pick up 9 horses. All 9 loaded without incident and made the short trip back to the rescue just fine. There are still about 13 horses house at Gridley.

Here is an Appy unloading from the trailer, waiting to be evaluated on Sunday.

Tawnee headed out this afternoon to pick up Pilgrim from the foster home, he actually has a home! Home at Last is going to be adopting Piligrim into their retirement program.

He looks so much better than he did when he was originally rescued. It is nice to see skinny, unloved horses take a turn for the better!
We have a new volunteer for the next 10 days, Nadia from Germany is visiting us this summer. We are so excited to have her spend time with us, she is definitely the first international volunteer we have ever had. We hope she enjoys her time with us. Unfortunately she arrived too late for pictures, keep an eye on the blog!

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